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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Over the years many of our members have been injured, off duty or on, or have been off work due to an illness. Some make it through the �system� of Weekly Indemnity Benefits (WIB), Employment Insurance (EI), or WorkSafeBC (WCB), CP Rail Occupational Health Services (OHS) with little or no problems at all; while others have difficulties with these claims.

One the main reasons we are finding difficulties with claims is the requirement to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Seeing a doctor, and getting your illness or injury documented right away can make all the difference regarding your claim.

Please do not wait to see a doctor. If your family physician is away, or too busy, you may need to go to a walk in clinic to get things documented until you can see your own physician.

Both WIB and WCB claims will likely be denied without proper medical evidence, or at least deny benefits prior to first being attended by a physician.

Please be reminded that all Weekly Indemnity Claims must be filed within 30 days of the commencement of the Disability.

�7.2 Payment of any benefit under the Plan will be subject to the Service Organization being given written proof of claim satisfactory to it within thirty days after the date of the accident causing the injury or the date of commencement of the disability from sickness or disease and subsequent proofs of claim as the Service Organization may require at intervals not more often than weekly. Failure to furnish proof within the time specified will not invalidate the claim if it is shown that it was not reasonably possible to furnish proof within such time and that proof was furnished as soon as reasonably possible. �
In 2007 Division 320 decided that through our fundraising efforts and more specifically your vending machines, we will assist our membership with issues such as costs incurred getting Doctor's forms filled out for WIB purposes.

The Division will reimburse a member fees charged in accordance with the fee guide set by the BC Medical Association (BCMA). Please keep all original receipts and forward to the Div 320 Secretary/Treasurer Sandra McCartney. If you have any questions please contact Sandra McCartney.

If you are not 100% sure of your rights or obligations, please contact your applicable local Representative right away. Doing this can make all of the difference in how your claim gets processed, and handled. As your Representatives we hear all too often the heartache that is suffered, sometimes through no fault of the member, but in many cases this is exactly the cause.

Any questions on benefits, rights and obligations should be directed to your Local Chairman, or the Legislative Representative.

For a work related injury/illness

All members: Josh Hills Legislative Rep 604-240-2084 E:Mail

For an off duty injury or illnesses and Manulife WIB questions contact:

Conductors/Trainmen: Jason Hnatiuk C/T Local Chairman (604) 908-1558 E:Mail
Locomotive Engineers: Gerry Ranson LE Local Chairman (604) 202-5120 E:Mail
Yardmen: Bryan Grice Yard Local Chairman (604) 818-0393 E:Mail

For LE's and Great West Life LTD questions/assistance contact Joe Harris

   Benefits At A Glance. This pamphlet is produced for the education and information of CPR employees, and summarizes the key benefits available to you as a plan member.
   Manulife Information Sheet Highlights of weekly indemnity insurance benefits.


   More information can be found on Manulife's website.

Physical Wellness Subsidy, a once-a-year reimbursement of up to $300, based on 50% of what the employee has paid and submitted.

Work Insurance

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