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Rule Books

CROR Summary of Changes 2015  NEW


Rule Book for T&E Employees  NEW

2015 GOI Summary of Changes  NEW

2015 GOI Complete  NEW

2015 Pacific Region Timetable 42  NEW

North Bend West Summary Bulletin October 2015  NEW

Foreign Railway Summary Bulletin October 2015  NEW

Locomotive Job Aids

CATTRON RCLS Special Instructions  NEW

GE GEVO ES44 Operators Manual

SD40-2 Operators Manual

GP38-2 Operators Manual

GP9 Operators Manual

NS Locomotive Enginer Trainee Guidebook

How Air Brakes Work

26L Brake Guide

Amps vs Tractive Effort

GE Waterfill Job Aid

Dynamic Brake Holding Job Aid

Locomotive Inspection Job Aid

Foreign Railway Job Aids

General Job Aids

Local Job Aids

Cascade & Thompson Sub Track Diagrams

Flat Switching Rules Coquitlam Yard

Transfer 30MPH Speed Exemption Guide

Refinery Spotting Instructions Job Aid

IOCO Spotting Instructions Job Aid

Vancouver Waterfront Job Aid Bulletin BCO-204-11

Waterfront Job Aid

Thornton Job Aid

Trainee Job Aids

Boston Bar to Vancouver ( Westward )

Boston Bar to Roberts Bank ( Westward )

Coquitlam to North Bend ( Eastward )

Roberts Bank to North Bend ( Eastward )