Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

CMA Job Aids

Tieup Procedural Instructions
CMA Honour System Manual
Assigned Road Switcher Tie Up Procedure
Short Turn Run Thru Flat Rate Tie Up Procedure
TCS Tie Up Procedure When Relieved After Beginning Work At AFHT
TCS Tie Up Procedure When Relieved Before Beginning Work At AFHT
Tie Up Procedure When Performing Work At Home Terminal Then Cancelled In The Yard
Tie Up Procedure When Performing Work At Home Terminal Then DH To Away Terminal
Turned Enroute Tie Up Procedure
Turned EnRoute $80.00 NG claim
Work Train Flat Rate Tie Up Procedure

Claim Codes

Complete List of Claim Codes

Spareboard Guarantee
2017 Spareboard Guarantee Claim Process
Spareboard Guarantee Claim Submission Process
Spareboard Guarantee FAQ
Non Protected BK 2016 Rate Calculation
Yard Spareboard 2016 Rate Calculation

Earned Days Off Instructions
EDO Job Aid
Procedure Guidelines for EDO
Process for Placing Employees on EDO Status
Requesting EDO Through the VRU
Q and A for EDO's
Future Status Change Screen_RTE Job Aid
Cancel an EDO day that you have already booked

Adding Temporary Phone Number VIA the VRU

Adding Protect Call VRU
VRU Profiles

Letters From the Company
Familiarization Letter
Guido Discipline Letter
Booking Rest After AV
VRU Profiles
Continuation of Benefits for suspensions of less than 30 days

Bank Non-Chargeable Miles
Non-Chargeable Miles_Claim Codes
Employee Master Secondary Information Screen
Q and A for Bank Non-Chargeable Miles

Trainee Job Aids
Boston Bar to Vancouver ( Westward )
Boston Bar to Roberts Bank ( Westward )
Coquitlam to North Bend ( Eastward )
Roberts Bank to North Bend ( Eastward )

Job Aids
Vancouver Waterfront Job Aid Bulletin BCO-204-11
Waterfront Job Aid
Thornton Job Aid

Middleton Cartographics
Downloadable schematics, Vancouver Service Area, Cascade Sub and more.
For username and password please contact middletonmaps.

Payroll, Guarantee Periods & Stat Holidays

2018 Payroll Schedule NEW
2018 Bi-Weekly Guarantee Periods NEW
2018 Stat Holiday List NEW

Need Directions
CP Phone List
RailCity    (RailCity - CMA Tips)


National Legislative Board
Your Right To Refuse Unsafe Work

Work Rest Rules

RAC Work Rest Rules
RAC Work Rest Rules Interpretation Document
RTE Work Rest Rules

Medical Standards
Company Requested Medical Certificate
RAC Medical Rules Handbook
Railway Rules Governing Safety Critical Positions
Railway Medical Rules For Positions Critical To Safe Railway Operations

Equipment Standards
Railway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules
Railway Freight Car Inspection and Safety Rules
Freight and Passenger Train Brake Rules

Health & Safety
Health & Safety Escalation Process

CIRB Orders:
CIRB Order 30114-C, Managers Running Trains