Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

Representing Vancouver and Roberts Bank CP Rail employees,
SRY Vancouver Island & Bombardier - West Coast Express

Regular Meeting

May 19, 2021 at 12:30
PoCo Inn and Suites. 1545 Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam, B.C.

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 4341 1536

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2021 Contract Submission

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2021 AV Results

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Arbitration Award: Conductor-Only Final Terminal Provisions

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Hendry & Delacherois Retirement Party

Bidding New EDO Dates

Craig Smith Retirement

Gord Nijar Retirement

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Rokosh and Savard Retirement Party

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Notice to Members: Conductor Vacancies Improperly Being Filled

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TCR Runaround at the AFHT

ESR Calling Order

2016 AV Allotment: Corrector 1

Notice to Members: Annual Vacation

Remembering Brother Brennen Barr

New CA Provisions Implemented

Short-Turn & No-Scoop at AFHT

Justice Adams Award

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Coquitlam, Kamloops, Roberts Bank ESR Agreement

National Negotiations Bulletin 14

Switch Proficiency Testing

Notice to Members Roberts Bank Switchers

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CIRB:Union Leave

Unfit Policy Grievance

CP Intends to Withdraw from CROA

Update: Missed Calls ESB's

Pension Options For Terminally Ill Employees

Notice To Members Street to Seat

Roberts Bank Roadswitcher Abolishment

Additional Pay April 23, 2015

Missed Calls for Spare Running

Roberts Banks Switchers - Conductor Only Pay

NR, NG & G8 Claims For Grievance

Notice to Members: Familiarization

CROA 4381 Rob Nass

Notice To Members G8 & Overhours on Freight

Booking EDO's outside your window

FAF Policy Grievance

CROA 4362

CP Multiple Labour Code Violations

Coquitlam/Kamloops Double Sub Arbitration

Alleged Rest Activity Coquitlam

Notice of Cancellation: Roberts Bank Roadswitcher Flat Rate Agreement

TCRC National Bursary Program

Unilateral Changes To Working Conditions

Notice to Members: Passing Train Inspections

Accesing MTPL and AEI Mainframe Applications

CP Violates CIRB Ruling: Training Managers

Run Through Switches

Temporary Relocation Revelstoke & Fort Steele

Short Turn Rule Cancellation

EC Claims Conductor Only Roadswitchers

Roberts Bank Engineers Spareboard

Negotiations Update: Extended Service Runs (Double Subs)

New System Wide Calling Order

Conductor-Only Roadswitcher Pay Provisions

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In the event of a Family Emergency

Should a family member need to contact an employee, the family member can call the Network Management Centre
EMERGENCY HELP line: 1-800-795-7851

Crew Change Results for: May 2nd, 2021

7 Day Boards

ENG-Original  May 1, 2021 (11:30)
CTY-Original  May 1, 2021 (11:30)


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